Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the efforts that make sure your website is compatible with the guidelines of the search engines. With Google’s ever-growing emphasis on accessibility, usability and quality, the importance of technical optimization have become more important than ever. Every day, there are millions of searches performed and we, at Diet SEO, can make sure that your customers are able to find you.

Our team of SEO Experts understand the varied signals used by search engine algorithms and also the way users perform searches. Thanks to our deep technical knowledge, we can help you stay on top of the persistent changes to search results. The best time to consider technical SEO is when you are creating a new website or overhauling your existing site.

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Technical Audits

Diet SEO’s technical audits dive into all aspects technical and identify issues that are causing hindrance to the performance of your website. Following the detailed audit report, we will present to you our recommendations for improvement in an easy-to-understand, actionable format supported by crawl data. We will inform you about the changes that need to be done immediately and the ones that you need to address. Our audit report is going to support our strategy for making sure that your website is easily accessed, ranked and indexed by the search engines.


Website Migration

A well-placed website migration plan is essential if you want to change any attribute of your website without reducing organic visibility or losing traffic. Our professionals have the technical know-how of transferring a site from one host to another. Website migration is essential if you are making minor changes, such as domain name, eCommerce system, service offerings and product catalogue or if you are planning to completely overhaul your website to make it work across various devices. Increased SEO visibility, improvement in search-ability, growth of domain authority, wider user base and consolidation of traffic are some of the opportunities of website migration that we can help you explore.


Google Penalty Recovery

The first step to ensuring SERP health is to understand whether your website has been penalized or not. Google algorithm penalties, such as link-based Penguin or content-based Panda, can be devastating for your bottom line. Removal of penalties will not guarantee recovery, but our experts have the resources and skills required to identify and prevent algorithmic and manual penalties. We have a deep understanding of the best practices of the search giant and we know how to get your rankings on track, build links without getting penalized and safeguard your site from future algorithm updates.


CTR Optimization

At Diet SEO, we know how important it is to stand out from the rest on search engine results page to secure the top spot. Thanks to our long years of experience, we are well-placed to provide solutions that guarantees better user-engagement. By making use of rich snippet markups, persuasive meta descriptions and strong title tags, we can help your website attract users. Join hands with us to boost the click-through rate of your website and create a niche for yourself.


On-Page Optimization

At Diet SEO, we understand that optimizing websites is more than sending the right signals to search engines. It is about providing users with what they are looking for. You would want your users to click-through and stay engaged with your content. Our dynamic professionals can make sure that visitors stay on your page and do not bounce. Thanks to our deep insight regarding the integral SEO metrics, we will ensure that all the elements are present and optimized - from internal linking to title tags, H1 tags to images. We will also fix issues relating to duplicate content to better the organic performance of your site.

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Google Page Speed & Mobile Optimization

Google’s page speed Insights entails information your website requires to run at an optimum level with regards to the common best practices like web server information, compressing and optimizing Images, Javascript, and CSS. The tool also even fetches the mobile user agent and provides a recommendation to your Mobile Site. Implementing these recommendations can significantly improve the overall performance of the website. Basically, As more searches are happening on Mobile; Google believes that every website needs to be optimized for mobile so as to enhance the overall browsing experience of the end user.

Technical SEO is crucial for a dominant web presence. We can help take your online business to the next level.