Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation, whether offline or online, is the first and foremost factor behind the success of a business. Diet SEO is a trusted organization offering high-end online reputation management services in Mumbai. Whether you have negative reviews or not, if you wish to see your venture thriving, our support can make the most needed difference you desire.

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management?

Today, millions of people base their buying decisions on online reviews. Therefore, maintaining a positive facade on search engines is essential in the current scenario. A single complaint by a consumer may bring down the rank of a business on the SERP. Once a damage is done, you will be in no position to reverse it. This is where ORM enters.

Besides countering a negative review; it is also useful for increasing brand visibility, competing with your business rivals or maintaining a healthy online presence. With ORM, you can devise an online strategy that influences the way consumers perceive your business.

We Undertake a Comprehensive Approach in Building Your Reputation

News Media

Tell the world about your presence through news media, your mouthpiece to the outer world. Diet SEO can broadcast your news on the biggest web publications by way of positive media coverage. Your potential customers will find more solace in the words of the newspaper than the words of an irate customer or an ex-employee. We create believable content aiming to increase the credibility of your business so that consumers accept your information without a second thought.

Influence Outreach

Are you anxious to get the desired exposure and getting your brand to a position where everyone relies on it? At Diet SEO, we reach out to industry relevant influencers or influential websites with a considerable following. Blogger outreach, social media monitoring, and Google alerts are some of our best practices to search for influencers. When consumers come across blogs and articles by people with authority, they tend to believe. Working alongside influencers and editors, we help concoct some of the most impactful write-ups, with the right keyword inserted at the right place, and try to drive traffic to your website.

Bespoke Campaigns

With us, one size does not fit all. We are of the opinion that each business has a distinct story of its own; and should thus, be relayed via the ideal platform. We listen to you, learn your brand inside out, understand the situations you are in that may have compromised your reputation and try to find out the aptest solutions for your brand building endeavours.


We try to get an insight into what complaints your end-users have and what aspects they like about your business. Our ORM India professionals communicate with them to let them know that we are working on the developmental areas, thereby eradicating any chance of dissatisfaction.


We request you to divulge all the events and activities that wreaked havoc on your site and to your reputation. Kindly do not hide any illegal practices you are involved in, as a business entity or an individual. We expect honest customers who come clean when they approach us, as being professionals in the field, it is our right to know the exact reason behind the ruination of your online repute. Also, it is our duty to inform you that once your business is charged with a negative issue, there is no way you can repel or alter it, but you can, of course, work to clear it.